CBN – The Cannabinoid That Helps Promote Restful Sleep

You’ve probably heard about CBD and how it’s helping people maintain a healthy body. If you’re not familiar with CBD, it’s one of dozens of cannabinoids found in industrial hemp, and it’s hugely popular right now.

While CBD does have positive effects on sleep, studies show that another cannabinoid has an even more powerful effect on sleep. Cannabinol or CBN, produces very potent calmative effects which help promote normal, healthy sleep and keep stress and anxiety at bay. In fact, CBN produces a more potent calmative effect when compared to CBD and even the most well-known cannabinoid, THC. And unlike THC, CBN has no associated “high”.

How do you take CBN?

There are different ways that you can take CBN. Using a tincture, you can place a drop under your tongue and then swallow it, or you can take it in a capsule form. Tinctures or drops may provide a higher bioavailability. CBN in capsules, on the other hand, still has to go through the digestive system and the liver where it will be metabolized before they can go into the bloodstream. The best delivery method for CBN may be an under the tongue spray. A spray more evenly coats the underside of the tongue and may be absorbed more easily. Proper use is to spray on or under your tongue, hold it there for approximately 30 seconds, and then swallow.

Calming effects of CBN are typically felt about half an hour after ingestion.


What you should know when buying CBN

There are several things you need to consider before you buy CBN to help you regulate and maintain normal sleep patterns.

What is the extraction method?

When producing high-quality CBN oils, manufacturers should use safe methods such as supercritical CO2 extraction to isolate and extract CBN. This method ensures that the concentrates stay clean and pure.

Where did the CBN originate?

You want a CBN oil that originated from pure, organic, and all-natural hemp. It should also be free from pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and harsh chemicals. You’re going to use CBN oil to maintain optimal health, so you want it to be free from contaminants.

What are its contents?

CBN is already a potent calming agent. But if you want to maximize its effects, choose a CBN oil for sleep that contains CBD as well. These cannabinoids work synergistically together, enhancing and boosting their therapeutic effects.

Is the CBN manufacturer trustworthy and reliable?

You can always get in touch with a CBN oil manufacturer if you want to know more about their product. A good manufacturer will always be ready to answer all your questions about their CBN oil.


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