Denise Rinehart

cannabis and sleep

How Does Cannabis Affect Sleep?

We have all struggled to get a good night’s sleep at least once or twice in our lives. More than 1/3 of adults in the US do not get the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night – Cannabis might help

Can CBD Get You High?

Have you ever wondered if you could get high from CBD? If so, you’re in the right place. This article clearly answers the question that is on so many people’s minds and provides a better understanding of the product in general. The answer may just surprise you… We begin by answering with another question: can …

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CBN for Sleep?

It’s probably a given that we all love a good night’s rest, right? This article explores CBN for sleep, also known as the “sleepy cannabinoid”; what it can be compared with and what it can replace. If you or someone you love wants to maintain the best sleep you’ve ever had, keep reading! What Exactly …

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