Does Hemp Contain CBN? (From the CBD Q&A Podcast)

Welcome to CBD Q&A, where we answer your questions about CBD. We are certified CBD coaches and now hosts of this show. Today we have got a super special episode planned for you. We’re going to be answering the question, does hemp contain CBN? You can watch the video above or read through the transcript below.

What exactly is CBN?

Denise Rinehart: What exactly is CBN? Because we talk a lot about CBD, and we do have a lot of other episodes that talk about CBN, but let’s just start at the beginning. What is CBN?

Angeles Jonske: Well, CBN is a cannabinoid that’s a part of the hemp plant. So, it’s just like CBD. I mean, it has other qualities about it, but it’s-

Denise Rinehart: Other superhero qualities.

Angeles Jonske: Yes. People who look for CBD that’s made from hemp typically don’t want the THC in it or want minimal THC, but CBN actually comes from degradated, oxidized THC.

Denise Rinehart: So will it get you high?

Will CBN or CBD Get me High?

Angeles Jonske: No, it won’t get you high. If you are somebody who smokes weed or has old weed around the house that’s just been laying around there, I mean, I don’t know if that really happens to a lot of people, most people get rid of it sooner than later, but if you do and you find that that bag of weed actually made you sleepy or super chill out or super calm but it didn’t back in the day, it’s probably because the THC has degraded down to CBN, but I kind of think it’s a degrading up.

Denise Rinehart: I know, me too. That’s definitely a step up. I don’t want any part of that.

Angeles Jonske: Yeah. CBN really-

Denise Rinehart: But I definitely love CBN.

Angeles Jonske: Yeah.

Denise Rinehart: Yeah.

Angeles Jonske: That’s what I take for sleep, and that’s what cured 12 years of insomnia, so I’m definitely a fan of CBN, and I would much rather have CBN than THC all day long.

Speaker 3: Amen.

Why would you say CBN is good?

Angeles Jonske: Well, CBN is known as the sleepy cannabinoid, but it also … I use it a lot if my back is causing issues or my neck is causing issues. Actually what I do is I’ll take my tincture, put some on my hands and I’ll rub some CBN wherever, my neck is bothering me or back or anything like that. So, it’s really good for that type of thing as well, but I use it every single night, every single night for sleep.

Denise Rinehart: We have other videos that discuss CBN, so be sure to check those out. We’ll be sure to put the links in the description below. Now it’s time for our question for you. What are your thoughts on hemp? Be sure to leave your answer in the comments below because we would love to connect with you there. And be sure to connect to the community in the comments section because a lot of times they have the best tips and suggestions, and it’s just a really good place to connect with people. Thanks for checking out this video and definitely hit the subscribe button for more videos just like this.

If you have a CBD question you’d like for us to answer in a future episode, be sure to put that in the comments below or click the I got a question link in the description. Until next time, we will see you in the next video.

Angeles Jonske: See you there.

Denise Rinehart: Oh, good morning, Millie. It’s a new day.

Angeles Jonske: I feel so good.

Denise Rinehart: Me too.

Angeles Jonske: I’m like so awake.

Denise Rinehart: I feel like I just had a really great night’s sleep.

Angeles Jonske: And I woke up with my makeup already on.

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