How Do I Read A CBD Label? (From the CBD Q&A Podcast)

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Now, have you ever been to a store, and you’ve been looking at a bottle of CBD, and you didn’t know which one was good and which was bad? What are all these words? What do they mean? Which one should I buy? 

If that has been you, you are in the right place because today we’re going to be talking about how do I read a CBD label. 

Angeles: Yeah, that’s great. When I first started using CBD I was completely overwhelmed by what does this stuff even mean and why do I need to read it. 

Denise: Knowing what is in your CBD is really important. 

Angeles: And knowing how to read a label is a really important because then you’ll go into a store or online with confidence that you know what to look for. 

How to read a CBD Label

Denise: Exactly. So, hit it. Let’s talk labels. 

Angeles: So, this is one of our labels to Epic Day. I’m sure that it’s going to be really tiny for you to see this right now, so we’ll make this bigger on the screen. 

The first thing you want to look at is down… You see the name, Epic Day, right there. Right below that, or towards the bottom of, usually it’s towards the bottom of the label, you’re going to see how much CBD is in the entire bottle. 

How much CBN is in the bottle?

That’s really important to know, especially if you have a CBD consultant or a certified CBD coach, or your doctor is really well versed in CBD and cannabis products. They may tell you you need to buy a CBD bottle that has 500 milligrams of CBD, or 4,000, or 2,000, or 250. Whatever they tell you, you want to be able to know where to look. 

So, it will say on here 500 milligrams of CBD, or 1,000, or whatever. Ours is 1,000 milligrams CBD. Then, it’s also going to tell you down there how much is in the bottle. So, this is a 30 milliliter bottle. 

Denise: Which that’s a pretty standard size of bottle. 

Angeles: Yeah. And there’s 15 more milliliter bottles. There’s 30 milliliters. There’s two ounce ones, which would be 60 milliliters. There’s a little bit of a variety, but this is a standard size and what you typically will see. 

And it actually is a good size to have because if you get 15 milliliter, that you probably have to purchase it more often. But then we’re going to go to the back of the bottle and there’s a lot of important things on the back. 

Denise: Now it’s getting good, the back of the bottle. 

Angeles: This is where the meat is. 

Recommended Dose

It should tell you up here suggested recommendations on how to take the CBD, so look and see what they say as far as like, we say one dropperful is actually a serving. 

So, just look and see what the recommended suggestion is for dosing. Your doctor, or your consultant, or whoever, your nutrition coach or whoever may give you their suggested recommended dose as well. 

But you want to look and see what because each one is a little bit different, especially if they have different additional terpenes in it or different carrier oils in that. So, it can range. You want to see what a dose is or what the recommended dose is. 

Nutritional Facts

Then if you go on down, it’s going to have nutritional facts down there. So, it will tell you actually how much CBD is in a serving. So, for our 1,000 milligram CBD that’s in a 30 milliliter bottle, and the actual serving is going to be 33 milligrams of CBD per serving. 

Now you can always, if you need to take 60… I know for sleep a lot of people take between 60 milligrams and 100. So then that means you would want to take two doses. So you can adjust it-

Denise: You can figure it out. It makes it much easier when you know how much is in each dropper. It makes dosing and figuring out how much you should take a little bit easier. 

Track your CBD use

Angeles: And also you want to pay attention to, maybe keep a little journal beside you and record how much you’re taking, so you know what works. Maybe for a headache you need a different amount than you would need for an ache or a pain or-

Denise: Anything along those lines. Right. 

Angeles: Seizures or anything, yeah. So you want to keep track of how much you’ve tried in dosing so that you can also know down the road what worked, and what didn’t work, and how much you needed for different things. 

Additional Info about your CBD

And then, at the bottom of our label over here, we also have different facts, different symbols. It’s gluten free. You might see a vegan symbol. So, for people that have allergens, most cannabis is gluten free anyway, but you want to make sure because there could be something they’ve added to it that does have gluten in it or it could be made in a gluten facility. So just be extra cautious and see what they say down there for there for that. 

When does the CBD expire?

And then you’re going to see on the other side you’re going to see an expiration date. You should see a batch number. We actually put our batch number on the bottom. But you should see an expiration date. 

Usually, cannabis, it depends also on the process they’ve used. Anywhere between a year and two years is usually the shelf life of CBD. It’s going to show where they’re manufactured from, who the company is. So that’s really important just because you want to make sure it’s not like cooked in somebody’s-

Denise: Basement.

Angeles: Yeah. Or something like that where it’s not-

Denise: You want to make sure it’s legit. 


Angeles: And it’s going to show the list of ingredients. On ours it has cannabis from hemp, and we’ve got beta-caryophyllene that we carry in ours too, and then it’s got MCT oil in here as well. 

FDA Statement

Then it should also have an FDA statement on here because, obviously if you’re pregnant or if you’re nursing, we put that precaution on here. There’s just really no evidence. There’s some people that take it that are pregnant and nursing, are fine, but we don’t recommend it because there’s not enough studies to know whether or not it’s going to-

Denise: It comes into play. This is a full spectrum CBD and so there are legal amounts of THC in it, and there haven’t been enough studies done to know the effects of THC on a maturing brain. So that’s where the question lies. 

Red Flags

Angie, are there any red flags that someone should look for when they’re buying their CBD?

Angeles: There are a few red flags that I personally watch out for and we would recommend for you guys as well. 

Number one is dirt cheap prices. CBD that is super cheap, there’s a reason for it. It could be that there really isn’t the amount of CBD that they claim that’s in there. That’s been a huge thing that we have seen and witnessed ourselves several times. 

It could also mean that it was purchased really cheap from a country that doesn’t take the precautions that we take. 

Denise: So you don’t know what was really in that hemp-

Angeles: Or in their soil or in their processing. There’s a lot of people that just want to sell CBD and get in on the huge explosion of the industry and everything and they don’t really care about what they’re giving to people to put in their bodies. So, they’ll just get the cheapest, lowest quality stuff possible. 

Plastic Bottles?

Denise: What if someone were to, they pick up a bottle and it’s plastic, is that okay?

Angeles: I wouldn’t buy it. 

Denise: I wouldn’t buy it either. To me that would be a huge red flag, too. CBD should be in a glass bottle. 

Angeles: And even more so, I would make sure that this right here, the dropper, is glass as well because the CBD it sucks up the plastic. 

Denise: That’s what I was just going to say. Yep. 

Angeles: So the plastic, you’re already spending money to help something that’s going on in your body. If you actually put something in your body that is leaching plastic out of it, you might as well not take it. It would be safer for you to not take that CBD than to take it if it has a plastic element that it’s attached to. 

Denise: Another red flag to look for is if you see hemp seed oil. Angie, is hemp seed oil CBD oil?

Angeles: No, it’s not. 

Denise: What is hemp seed oil good for? Cooking. But it is not CBD oil. If the label says hemp oil, yes. You’re golden. That’s CBD oil. If it says hemp seed oil put it down because it’s not CBD oil. 

Is a COA available for the product?

Angeles: One last thing is even though you take a look at a label, see what’s all in it. you think everything is good. You want to still make sure that they have a COA to it.

Denise: Yes, that’s so important. 

Angeles: Because you want to make sure that it has what it says in it. This is getting off on another subject, but reviews from people making sure that, you know, see if any of your friends and family has used and has a good name that you can trust in there. 

Denise: It’s all about doing due diligence and, like Angie said in the very beginning, pretty much you do get what you pay for. So, if something is super cheap then I probably would stay away. 

If it’s in a plastic bottle, plastic droppers, those would be red flags. 

If they can’t produce a COA or if something just doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. 

So, those are just words of caution that we look for when we’re buying CBD. But actually, we manufacture our own now so we know what’s in ours. So, I’m incredibly comfortable just grabbing my bottle and taking it. 

In fact, I take one dropper two to three times a day just throughout the day just to help keep my mind mentally sharp. I love it. 

Thanks for hanging out with us today. Now we have got a question for you. What do you look for when you’re buying CBD? Leave your answer in the comments below because we would love to connect with you there. 

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Thanks again so much for hanging out with us on CBD Q&A. Until next time, we will see you in the next video.

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