CBN (cannabinol) vs CBD (cannabidiol)

CBN vs CBD: What’s the Difference?

Ever wondered how two cannabinoids coming from the same place can be so different? If this has indeed crossed your mind then you will find this article very interesting. Here, you will discover their similarities, differences and also what happens when you combine the two. CBD is very popular at the moment but its lesser known cousin, CBN, is also a little firecracker that is definitely worth all the fuss. 

CBN, The New Kid on the Block

Right now, CBD is a hot property. Everyone’s talking about it. Everyone wants it. However, CBN is on the fast-track to becoming just as popular as CBD. It’s starting to get a lot of buzz and many people are seeing results from using it. As more scientific studies are being done on this cannabinoid and discovering its many benefits, you’ll notice more products emerge that have CBN in them. 

Funnily enough, even though it’s a fairly new cannabinoid that you’re hearing about, it was actually discovered 2,700 years ago! So it’s not really new but the conversations surrounding it now are shedding a new light on it and its benefits. 

How CBN and CBD are Similar

As with all the other cannabinoids, CBN and CBD each possess their own superpower but there are also a few crossovers. They have a lot of the same health benefits and they both interact with the receptors in the brain. Some of the benefits may just be a bit more apparent in the one that the other and vice versa. Also, CBN and CBD won’t get you high like THC does as they are non-psychoactive cannabinoids. 

CBN vs CBD – What’s the Difference?

The differences between CBN and CBD lie primarily with their various superpowers but also in the way they are produced. CBD naturally occurs within the cannabis plant where it is a product of the enzymatic processes happening there. Although CBN does naturally occur within the plant too, it is only to a very small extent (less than 1% in the hemp plant). It’s not much at all but if it’s the entourage effect one’s after, this will do the trick. This is when you take full-spectrum CBD and the whole plant and all its goodness works in harmony with your body.  If however you’re looking for something that’s really going to help you with any sleep or relaxation issues, isolated CBN is what you’re after as it’s known as the “Sleepy Cannabinoid”. 

The majority of CBN is produced as a result of the degradation of THC in the cannabis plant. Thankfully, science allows us to speed up the process of acquiring CBN otherwise the wait would take several years while the THC transforms!

The wonderful superpower of CBD lies in its ability to do so much. It’s kind of like the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding in that it’ll do everything. It takes care of a number of ailments and issues which makes it an all-rounder. It won’t generally help you with sleep issues though – you’ll have to use CBN for that. 

Individually, CBD and CBN are amazing for similar and also for different reasons. However, put them together and you have magic! Not only do they compliment each other, they love each other.  Taken together, and at the right concentrations, they boost each other’s therapeutic effects. Isn’t it time you tried for yourself?

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