What is CBN (aka Cannabinol)?

If you’ve heard of CBN and want to find out more about it, you couldn’t be in a better place! You’ll discover what the hype is around this popular cannabinoid, how it’s formed and what you can expect from it. Let’s dive on in…

The Science Behind CBN

CBN is another kind of cannabinoid which is found both in the marijuana and hemp plants, the higher percentage being found on the marijuana side. Only small amounts of CBN naturally occur within these different plant types where the hemp plant typically only has up to 1% and the marijuana plant may have up to 13% which is still not a large amount.
The cool thing is that the majority of CBN actually comes from the degradation process of THC. If you’re a smoker of the marijuana plant and you’ve bought a bud or flower that’s been sitting in a container where lots of light and air has gotten in, the oxygen causes the THC in the plant to oxidize. You may have noticed that if you’ve smoked something which is a bit older, you just feel really relaxed and sleepy. This is because this aging process breaks down the molecular structure of THC and turns it into CBN, the “sleepy cannabinoid”! Don’t you just love science?

CBN – The “Sleepy Cannabinoid”

Many people just don’t do well with consuming THC as it makes them paranoid and anxious. It really is not a pleasant experience. CBN doesn’t have that effect as it’s non psychoactive so it won’t provide the high feeling that commonly comes with THC. So if you take CBN, even though it was previously THC, you won’t experience the same sensation. You generally won’t feel anything else other than being relaxed and sleepy. This is the major benefit of taking CBN, especially if you suffer from insomnia.
Besides enjoying a good night’s rest, the other benefits of CBN are plentiful. It assists with easing any discomforts or pain you may have in your body so it is great for keeping you in a pain-free state. The antioxidants it contains are good for heart health and may reduce the risk of various types of cancer. CBN is also good for reducing bodily swelling and studies suggest that it promotes bone growth and helps treat osteoporosis.
CBN has a vital role to play when it comes to the entourage effect. When using Full-Spectrum CBD, CBN is one of the many cannabinoids that makes up the full entourage effect in your body and helps CBD to do its thing. This is when you receive the benefits of the plant in its entirety as they work together in a perfect symbiotic relationship. When you isolate CBN however, it’s a lot more potent and will generally specifically be for sleep and relaxation issues.
The magic truly begins when you take CBN and CBD together as they’re the perfect marriage. You’ll experience the extraordinary health benefits from A right through to Zzzzz.

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