Endocannabinoid System – What It Does and How It Works

The Discovery of CBN

Ever wondered what CBN is and how it was discovered? This is a very interesting story which actually dates back centuries! With the current hype surrounding everything CBD, one would imagine that it’s quite a recent phenomenon. This isn’t the case at all…

CBN – The sleepy cannabinoid

As with its better known cousin, CBD, CBN is a type of cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and THC are produced through a natural enzymatic process within the plant itself, specifically within the trichomes. These are the sticky feeling parts on the flowering buds. When it comes to CBN however, there are only very small amounts which naturally occur there, so when large traces are found in the plant, it’s actually THC that has been converted into CBN. This happens when the cannabis flower or bud ages and the THC begins to oxidize. The THC degrades into CBN which completely removes any of the properties that make you high as CBN is non psychoactive.

The really beneficial effect that CBN does have is that it makes you feel a lot more relaxed and sleepy. People who typically struggle with falling asleep will then benefit incredibly from either using Full- Spectrum CBD which contains CBN, or isolated CBN which is a lot more potent and is specifically used for sleeping issues.

A lesson in history

The cannabis plant has been used for centuries. Despite what we may think, it was CBN, not CBD, that was the first cannabinoid to be isolated. This happened in the 19th century when there was degradation of a cannabis extract. Someone must’ve ingested this old piece of plant and fallen into the most amazing sleep. Although it wasn’t fully used until the 1930s when a British chemist named Robert Sidney Conn decided he would put it to the test.

The oldest evidence of the existence of CBN there is, was discovered when a 2700 year old grave in China was unearthed. Whatever the reason for digging up the grave in the first place, they found within it a substantial amount (789 grams) of CBN. This came about due to the degradation of THC within the plant. This is the oldest CBN sample that we know of.

Like fine wine and many other good things in life, CBN just gets better with age. And with it, you will have the best night’s rest you’ve ever had!

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