CBN for Sleep?

It’s probably a given that we all love a good night’s rest, right? This article explores CBN for sleep, also known as the “sleepy cannabinoid”; what it can be compared with and what it can replace. If you or someone you love wants to maintain the best sleep you’ve ever had, keep reading!

What Exactly is CBN?

CBN is one of the many types of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Although it does already occur naturally in the cannabis plant in tiny amounts (not more than 1%), most CBN is formed due to the aging of the well-known cannabinoid, THC.  Through the process of oxidization where the plant is exposed to oxygen, THC converts into CBN.
With its close link to THC and the psychoactive properties this has, a common question arises as to whether consuming CBN also makes you high. This is not the case as CBN is a product of THC that’s been degraded and with that, so have the psychoactive effects.
A cool thing about using CBN for sleep is even if you are in a legal state but don’t do well with taking THC, as it produces anxiety and paranoia is some people, CBN for sleep is a great alternative. It has a lot of the same benefits as THC but it’s better for sleep and doesn’t come with the high feeling.  

CBN Has a Superpower

At the moment, there are around 113 different cannabinoids, each of which have their own unique gift. Some of these do of course overlap and each may possess the benefits of the other, but they each have their own speciality too.
CBN’s amazing superpower is that it helps with any sleep or relaxation issues. Scientific research has been conducted on a few cannabinoids, CBN being one of them. It was found to possess a strong sedative which has the highest sedative effect than any other cannabinoid, including THC. According to a study done by Steep Hill, consuming CBN in small amounts like 2,5-5mg has the same effect as taking a mild pharmaceutical. As far as relaxation goes, it’s been compared to having 5-10mg of diazepam, prescription medication for anxiety and stress relief. As you can tell, CBN is highly concentrated and its superpower speaks for itself. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about overdosing – if you do take a lot (which is not very likely in one sitting as it’s rather expensive!) you’ll just feel extra relaxed.
Not only is CBN extremely effective for insomnia, but it also has a wealth of other health benefits which have been scientifically researched as well. It’s great for relieving pain and assists with bone tissue growth. It also possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties.

The Entourage Effect

CBN is one of the cannabinoids that creates a synergy with the rest of the plant which is known as the entourage effect. Together with CBD, it works in a symbiotic relationship which enhances all the wonderful properties of each of the cannabinoids. This typically happens when CBN is consumed with Full-Spectrum CBD. It’s like when Pac-Man eats a power pellet, he gets better, stronger, faster and he can eat more ghosts. CBN does that for CBD and CBD does that for CBN – they’re a powerful and rather potent team. This is why many people prefer using Full-Spectrum instead of Isolate CBD but it all depends on the person.
As with all cannabinoids, the necessary dosage to achieve desired benefits will vary from person to person.  There is no one size fits all dosing when it comes to any cannabinoid product, although there are definite guidelines, it’s up to you to test which one works for you and your body.
As you now know, if it’s sleep you’re after, give CBN a try and rest assured it will give you just that!

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