How Will CBN Make me Feel?

If you’ve never experienced the wonderful effects of CBN (Cannabinol) and are curious to know what these are, this article will help you to understand how CBN works in your body and how it will make you feel. Known to many as the “Sleepy Cannabinoid”, the name alone offers you a glimpse into what one of the major benefits are…

Will CBN Get me High?

First things first. No, consuming CBN will not make you high. The cannabinoid THC has psychoactive effects but because CBN is created as a result of the degradation of THC, those properties wear away in the process.

CBN – The sleepy cannabinoid

Based on scientific research, CBN was found to possess a sedative which has the highest sedative effect among all the cannabinoids. To give you an idea of its effectiveness and concentration, consuming it in very small amounts of around 2,5 – 5mg has the same effect as taking a mild pharmaceutical. As far as relaxation goes, when taking 5-10mg of CBN, it’s similar to being prescribed the same dosage of diazepam, another pharmaceutical product which is used for its calming effect. Many people ask the question of whether you can overdose on CBN and the answer is that if you consume a large amount, it will only make you feel more and more relaxed.

The Health Benefits

Besides feeling refreshed and more energized after the best snooze of your life, CBN offers a wealth of health benefits to its users. It assists with any discomforts and pain of the body and reduces swelling. If suffering from an auto-immune disease, it aids in the support of a healthy immune and nervous system. CBN is also rich in powerful antioxidants which are known to be good for heart health and can lower the risk of certain forms of cancer.
As with all of the cannabinoids, the effects vary from person to person, so it’s best to try the product and see what works best for your body and needs. The one given factor however, will be that you will experience a better night’s rest, the natural way, by using CBN.
Sleep well.

2 thoughts on “How Will CBN Make me Feel?”

  1. Felix Thijssen

    Hi, I’ve already written to you. and you responded to explain you could not ship to Canada.
    1. Now that pot is legal here, is that still the case?
    2. Can you point to an outlet in Vancouver, where I am located, where they might sell CBN products? (I have not been able to find one yet)
    Thank you,

    1. Angeles Jonske

      Hi Felix! Thank you for getting in touch with us once again.
      1. Congrats on pot being legal in Canada! Hopefully we aren’t far behind for it being federally legal here in the States! Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of Canada now being legal, it’s more of an issue of crossing the border and it possibly being confiscated. We have heard numerous stories of this being the case and we don’t want anyone to lose money by not receiving our product.
      2. We are not familiar with the dispensaries in Canada. I would call around and ask. It may not be very well known in Canada just yet. Hopefully it comes your way soon – there are not many places in the States that carry CBN either, which is why we have been on a mission to bring it to the public.

      Let us know if you have any other questions. 🙂

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