Full Spectrum CBD vs Isolate CBD: What's the difference?

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what the difference is between Isolate CBD and Full-Spectrum CBD? You’re in luck because this article will teach you all that you need to know about the two. This includes what the two terms mean as well as the pros and cons of each. It’s very important to educate yourself so that you can make the best decision when purchasing your CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD vs Isolate CBD

This question sparks a lot of controversy these days because you have two teams that are so passionate about each type. It’s almost as if there’s a Team Edward and Team Jacob. Or, if you’re not a Twilight fan, Hatfields Vs. the McCoys. Instead, we’re talking about team Full-Spectrum CBD and team Isolate CBD. Each team is very passionate about their type and it’s interesting to take note of their differences and the pros and cons of each.
Full-spectrum is just as it’s described: it’s using the full spectrum of the entire plant. There are over 100 cannabinoids that have been discovered so far and there are definitely many more out there. It’s as if we keep discovering a few new ones each week. The cannabinoids however are only found in the flowering part of the plant. With Full-spectrum, instead of simply picking and choosing one part of the plant, it’s allowing the plant to work together in harmony with each of its parts. The importance lies in keeping that intact so that all the elements, including the cannabinoids, also work together in harmony in our endocannabinoid system. These elements also include terpenes and all the other wonderful compounds that are in the plant. There are minerals, vitamins and antioxidants all wrapped up in it. Because of this, the Full-spectrum CBD is almost like another superfood. The superfood of superfoods, if you will.
Isolate is also just as it sounds. Isolate is simply taking one type of cannabinoid, typically CBD, and extracting it. The hemp plant is really high in CBD, so it’s an easy one to be able to isolate. There are so many health benefits surrounding the use of CBD, as you’ve probably been hearing for the past several years. The major pro for using Isolate is in the case where people need to take a certain amount of CBD each day, as it’s a very stable way to measure how much they’re taking. The measurability and reliability of Isolate CBD is therefore its strongest quality.

For first-time CBD users

Many certified CBD coaches tend toward the Full-spectrum side because this is where you are receiving elements of the whole plant and all the benefits that come with it. You’re getting all of those cannabinoids, vitamins and antioxidants which naturally occur within a harmonious system. They’re all in there for a reason and are working in sync with one another which means you get this entourage effect in your body’s own endocannabinoid system. It is suggested that you use the Full-spectrum to start off with because this really does help to bring full balance to your body.

How to find the right dosage

Ultimately, when deciding on which of the two varieties to use depends entirely on each person’s unique endocannabinoid system. Each person has different levels of deficiency. You can never fully know which CBD works the absolute best for you until you try it because everybody is so different. With CBD and cannabis in general, you have to educate yourself on the correct dosage and also test it out, tweak and adjust. Just don’t give up because there is a right recipe for you which will bring you enormous health benefits. It simply boils down to finding the perfect match, which can also feel like a little hit and miss at first. It is very important to educate yourself on how much to give yourself when it comes to dosing.
As a rule of thumb, imagine the 113 cannabinoids that we currently know of, all set up like bowling pins. Isolate is like hitting the one pin in the corner of the triangle, while full-spectrum is knocking all the pins down at once. Hopefully this article helps you get a better understanding of whether you’re team Isolate or team full-spectrum!
Enjoy your CBD journey.

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