What is CBD and What Does it do?

Are you curious what the heck CBD is? If so, you’ve clicked on the right article! This week we are going to talk about what exactly CBD is and how it works in your body. If you or someone you know is thinking about buying CBD, we recommend referring to this article to learn more about it!

Where does CBD actually come from?

CBD comes from the flower of the cannabis plant. It can be found in the flower of the hemp or the marijuana cannabis plant, but the larger percentage of CBD is actually found in the hemp side of plants. This is why a lot of people nowadays are hearing so much about CBD. It’s the prominent cannabinoid found in the hemp side and, since hemp is legal in so many states, it’s easier to obtain CBD. But also, just because it comes from hemp doesn’t mean it’s not as strong or effective as the Marijuana side. They’re both the same! It’s just that one comes from hemp, and one comes from marijuana.

CBD: Isolate Vs. Full Spectrum

CBD is a cannabinoid. The cannabis plant actually contains at least 113 cannabinoids! It’s easy to see why science is finding more benefits of this amazing plant. CBD can come in an isolate, meaning that the manufacturer has actually taken the CBD, pulled it out of the cannabis plant, and isolated it from everything else. Ending up with pure, 100% CBD. The other kind is called full spectrum, and it’s where manufacturers do not alter anything, leaving all the other cannabinoids inside the plant. This allows the cannabinoids to work together with the CBD. It’s still mostly CBD but it also has remnants of CBN and CBG and all of the other cannabinoids that can be found in the plant. So more or less, the industry has divided into two teams: You have the isolate team and the full spectrum team. Some people think isolate is more effective, some people think that full spectrum is more effective.

How does CBD work within our bodies?

In the 1980s, whenever scientists were actually looking at the cannabis plant, they realized that we have a system inside our bodies that works well with the plant. This is where they got the name endocannabinoid system. With their research of the cannabis plant, they came across some different cannabinoids. With the discovery of CBD, they found that we have two receptors in our bodies that CBD works with: CB1 and CB2. They’re found in our central nervous system and different receptors up and down our bodies, and even in parts of our bodies that’s not necessarily organs. So, let’s just say they are all over your body. When we take CBD, it starts firing off those receptors and make them work properly. Basically, a lot of the stuff in our soil, a lot of the things we eat, just the toxins in our environment have our endocannabinoid system so out of whack! So by getting CBD back into our system will actually help us get more balanced and will help weird, crazy symptoms that you could be having work themselves out!

CBD Vs. Traditional Medicine

This is why we are such CBD fans! It’s so good for our bodies and really gives us balance. It’s what the endocannabinoid system was designed for inside our bodies: to help keep our bodies balanced. You have an endocannabinoid system, but you don’t have an ibuprofen system. To have a plant that actually works with our body is super cool because there’s all this other stuff that people tell us to take that might hurt or harm us, but this is something that actually works alongside our bodies, preventing side effects. There’s always so much to learn about CBD! Scientists are constantly discovering new things about cannabis in general everyday. CBD has changed our lives, so it’s not something we’re just talking about from the outside, but we’ve actually experienced it’s amazing effects ourselves.
We’re so glad to be sharing this information with you. Our QUESTION for you today is, why do you like CBD? Let us know in the comments below because we’d love to connect with you! And others in the community sometimes have the best tips and suggestions so be sure to connect with the community as well!

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